Delivery time:

Shipments are processed in our logistics warehouse within a maximum period of 1 business day, depending on the time it is received. In many cases we will be able to send your order on the same day of receiving it and you will be able to enjoy it within 24 hours (Spain and Portugal)


Delivery times:

Spain, Portugal 1 - 3 days
Rest of Europe 1 - 4 days
Rest of the world 3 - 7 days


Keep in mind that this is an estimate based on the delivery times of the carriers with whom we work. They do not imply in any way a commitment on the part of NAADA. Shipments sometimes suffer incidents totally beyond our control. If you have any problem, please contact us and we will solve it together in the best way and as soon as possible.


Shipping costs:

Please note that shipments outside the European Union may be subject to customs taxes to be introduced in your country.  NAADA is not responsible for this issue.  In the event that a shipment is returned due to non-payment of taxes, NAADA reserves the right to charge all associated costs in refunding the items.  Remember that UK is not an UE member. 

The prices depend on the delivery address and the volumetric weight* of the package. You will see the total shipping costs in the checkout process. As an orientation we leave you this table:

Shipping costs up to 1 kg:

Spain and Portugal 4 €
Germany, France 9 €
Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands 9,50 €
Rest of Europe (except Cyprus and Malta) 11-12 €
Cyprus, Malta 20 €
USA, Canada 18,50 €
Rest of the world 28 - 38 €


*Volumetric weight: This is a formula used by carriers to quote shipments based on the volume that packages will occupy in trucks and other means of transportation.  Imagine we are shipping a small object in a large box filled with air.  The carrier will have to use a large part of his truck's volume to transport this package.  Therefore, it is logical that they take the volume into account and use volumetric weights to quote a shipment.   When quoting a shipment, the heaviest weight is always taken into account: either the actual weight or the volumetric weight.  In our case, most of the time the volumetric weight is taken into account, since the clothes usually have little weight. 


Free shipping costs:

Free shipping costs from:

Spain, Portugal 100 €
Germany, France 150 €
Rest of Europe (except Cyprus, Malt) 200 €
USA, Canada 200 €


Free shipping costs are not compatible with sales and promotions.  NAADA reserves the right to apply shipping costs, even when they were previously free of charge, as well as to establish them only for certain geographical areas.