We born with our eyes set on a production cycle and consumption responsible. We believe in an ecological production, with fibers from ecological cultivation and/or recycled, completing the process with a manufacturing that is also responsible, both with the environment and with all social and human issues.

We are aware of the excessive production and excessive consumption that we have been seeing in recent years, fueled to a greater extent by fast fashion. We see with sadness and impotence how fashion garments lose all their value after only a few months, removing them from sale to throw them away, devaluing the complex process carried out from its design and conception to the sale for the consumer. In the same way we observe how this excessive production generates an unbridled demand for natural raw materials and resources, creating in its production process one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

We position ourselves against this pattern of consumption. We offer a high quality product, betting on a model in which we try to do things calmly, well, and putting all our love, to offer unique and special pieces, timeless and of great quality.

Our product is distinguished by a strong graphic personality, high-quality raw materials, and totally sustainable production.

NAADA is aimed at a public with aesthetic and artistic sensitivity and a great environmental awareness.